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EdCampGR at Kent ISD
Participants of 2013 EdCampGR gaze in anticipation to see the sessions posted.

School is back in session and students aren’t the only ones excited to learn. With the new school year come many great opportunities for educators to learn, network, and share. One of these unique and fun opportunities of EdCampGR.

EdCampGR is a completely different way of professional learning. Unlike other professional learning opportunities, it’s difficult to explain what you will learn at EdCampGR. This is because a “typical” day of learning at EdCamp doesn’t really exist. Each Edcamp is unique and based on the needs of the participants.

Come explore this organic, democratic, participant-driven professional learning model for people interested in education.  There is not an elaborate keynote presentation, there is not a formal pre-set agenda, and the participants set the course of the day.

Participants at EdcampGR are encouraged to contribute ideas in sessions and are invited to share a short presentation or propose a question.  Sessions are interactive, conversation-driven and not typical lecture style presentations. Past sessions have included: Unplugged Classrooms?, Let’s Stop Abusing iPads and Tablets!, 1:1 Roll-Out Plans, Creating Casual Classrooms, and many more.

Don’t miss the best professional learning you will ever do with EdCampGR and the hundreds of other educators from across the region.

Free registration is available at edcampgr.org and SCECH applications will be available for a $10 fee. You can also review the additional details below:

EdCampGR Kent ISD
Local participants collaborate before their session at EdCampGR 2013

November 1, 2014
at Kent Innovation High,
1655 E Beltline,
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Learn more at edcampgr.org

CLICK HERE to reserve your seat today!

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