Kent ISD's Professional Learning with Maps

What to do with a map?

“Reading and understanding a map has become an increasingly technical and necessary skill,” said Ebiri Nkugba, a STEM consultant at Kent ISD. As a flight instructor at a local college, Mr. Nkugba works with aviation students to analyze highly detailed FAA maps of airspace and developing weather phenomena. “Sometimes they really struggle with understanding orientation and spatial relationships,” Mr. Nkugba said.

Unmanned Vehicle Technology is an emerging industry that requires Kent ISD UVTmap analysis and detailed image capture.  Your students now have a unique opportunity to program, operate, and analyze the information they collect using an unmanned aerial system available through Kent ISD Career Readiness.

To address the growing demand in the many highly technical career paths, Kent ISD has developed the following opportunities:

Mapmaking with Children K-8, November 6—Making maps fascinates children and we should use this intrinsic desire to shape developmentally appropriate curriculum in social studies, math and language arts. Join David Sobel on November 6th to draw maps, solve problems, and plan curriculum.

Visualizing Data, Online (Anytime) Course—Visualizing Data is a course designed to build a student’s capacity to understand information systems. The course uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a professional engineering software that uses maps and data to model information for many different industries. GIS has long been recognized as an interdisciplinary educational technology, supporting high-level thinking and spatial reasoning. Additionally, spatial reasoning and visualization have been demonstrated to be a foundation to science, engineering and mathematics.
Teach with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Your students could analyze images captured over a local playground, forest, or field for biology class, write code to fly the UAV for computer class, or design system modifications to add a problem solving/ engineering component to your curriculum.

To learn more about these exciting opportunities, check out the
Kent ISD STEM Google Community:

Thanks to the Lake MI STEM Hub grant for making the UAV opportunity possible.

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