Kent ISD welcomes Sean McComb

How to Build Complexity to Foster Critical Thinking

Teachers work tirelessly to help students achieve success. There are so many teachers that are dedicated to their profession.  We appreciate the determination and drive that teachers exhibit when working with our children.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the amazing teachers were recognized for their passion?

Unfortunately, there can only be one National Teacher of the Year. In 2014, Sean McComb, an English teacher in Maryland, was selected for this honor (Maryland educator named 2014 National Teacher of the Year, The Washington Post).  Mr. McComb initiated a program at Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts in Baltimore County Public Schools to help students in the “academic middle” stretch themselves so they can be successful in college.

Recently, Sean McComb was featured in a Parade magazine article titled How to Build a Better Teacher.

The National Teacher of the Year Program began in 1952 and focuses public attention on excellence in teaching. The National Teacher of the Year is selected from among the State Teachers of the Year by a National Selection Committee representing many major national education organizations. The National Teacher of the year is introduced by the President of the United States each April.

On January 9th, Sean McComb will visit Kent Intermediate School District to teach others about building complexity to foster critical thinking. Mr. McComb will work through strategies that prompt students to evaluate, to wrestle with complex ideas, and to weigh contradictory information thoughtfully, in order to parse evidence and explore rich topics. He will focus on building complexity in the English Language Arts Curriculum.

As college and career ready students leave high school, they must be able to navigate the mass of information available today in order to curate their own learning and synthesize information effectively. To prepare for this work, students must be critical readers, attuned listeners, and judicious thinkers.

There are many outstanding teachers in Kent County and we would like to invite our area educators to spend time with Sean McCombs on January 9th.  We are sure that the time spent with Mr. McComb will be filled with learning and inspiration.

Seating is limited for this event. CLICK HERE to reserve a seat for this outstanding opportunity to learn from the National Teacher of the Year.

This post was written by Dorothy VanderJagt, Director of Teaching and Learning at Kent ISD and edited by Amanda Walma, Professional Learning Coordinator at Kent ISD.

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