Kent ISD

How to have Effective Teachers in Every Classroom Every Day

The most critical responsibility of any principal or evaluator is to ensure that an effective teacher is in every classroom every day.

“A study by the Urban Institute reveals that Principals spend, on average, 6% of their time on “day-to-day instruction:” observing instruction, coaching teachers, developing or leading professional development, using data to drive instruction or evaluating teachers.”(Puzzl_ED Blog 6/29/12)

As a principal, it is important that you spend your energy and resources carrying out activities that will give you the most “leverage”- the greatest result for effort expended.

There are a wide variety of evaluation models being used in districts today. Whether it’s the Marzano Art and Science of Teaching Framework, The Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson or another evaluation system, our districts are working hard to find the most efficient and effective model to improve teacher effectiveness in the classroom.

Kent ISD is proud to bring an outstanding learning experience to our county. Debbie McFalone, Ph.D., a highly skilled facilitator in over forty organizations across our state, will engage administrators in a series of five learning sessions (beginning in March and wrapping up in October).

The Leverage Leadership Series addresses the most critical responsibility of any principal or evaluator: to ensure that an effective teacher is in every classroom every day. This series of learning sessions is appropriate and applicable to any evaluation model, be it Marzano, Danielson, etc.

kent isdThe focus of this series is on building competence and confidence in actually holding the individualized conversations with teachers around their instructional practice. Many times principals possess the technical skills to do a classroom observation; however, no change occurs in instruction unless deep conversations are held with teachers, and they are coached for improvement through focused, intentional conversations.

Based on Bambrick­/Santoyo’s book Leverage Leadership, this series is designed purposefully to meet three times in spring of 2015, in order to help principals and evaluators learn about the skillful leadership philosophy: using our energy and resources carrying out activities that will give us the most “leverage” ­ the greatest result for effort expended.

After implementing what was learned in the spring sessions, principals will come together in September and October as a cohort to share their experiences and learn from each other.

This learning series will assist principals in:

  • Structuring our work around the seven core areas of school leadership that drive consistent growth,
  • Organizing our time to prioritize feedback sessions with teachers, no matter which evaluation model is being implemented,
  • Understanding and providing an opportunity to practice delivering the elements of effective feedback, and
  • Nurturing and sustaining the culture of high relational trust among faculty which is essential to this work.

This five part learning series will provide principals with specific skills for working with teachers in ways that impact student achievement: fostering relentless commitment to offer individualized, frequent feedback to teachers about their instructional practice, and building the capacity to offer skillful feedback and direction to teacher teams. Video clips and role playing will be used to demonstrate and practice effective principal/teacher coaching sessions.

The Leverage Learning Series begins on March 5th. If you would like to join this learning series, CLICK HERE for more information. In order that consistent practice can be developed across the district, it is highly recommended that teams of administrators from districts attend.

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