Kent ISD

How North Godwin Beat the Odds

At North Godwin “92 percent of students receive free or reduced-priced lunch. A percentage of low-income students that high is a strong predictor that test scores should be among the lowest in the county. But that’s not the case. Instead, North Godwin’s scores are soaring.” (The Road to Success in a High-Poverty School: It’s All About Collaboration, Expectations, SNN, 1/27/15)

Kent ISDNorth Godwin, a Reading Now Network school, has consistently performed well on state assessments.  Their free and reduced percentage number is high, and so are their assessment scores.

  • What is happening in this school and why are they consistently outperforming other schools?
  • When faced with barriers of poverty, student transiency and a high percentage of English language learners, how are they achieving success?
  • How have scores remained consistently high over the past 10 years?

On February 23, 2015, Kent Intermediate School District aired a webinar that answered these questions. “An Outperforming School – What is Working” was the first in a series of webinars to encourage sharing and collaboration. As educators, we must work together and not in isolation in order to ensure success for all students.

Kent ISD“There are so many innovative initiatives and staff in West Michigan schools centered on student success. Our goal at Kent ISD is to highlight these amazing educators and schools,” says Dorothy VanderJagt, Kent ISD Director of Teaching and Learning.

We invite you to watch the first webinar in our series, featuring North Godwin Elementary, “An Outperforming School – What is Working?” online.

In this webinar, Mary Lang, Principal of North Godwin Elementary and Dorothy VanderJagt, Director of Teaching and Learning at Kent ISD, will share what is working at North Godwin.  This thirty minute webinar will be a time to learn, share, collaborate, and ask questions.

PD Now Kent ISD Webinar
Click the image to view the webinar.

CLICK HERE to watch “An Outperforming School – What is Working?” Webinar

CLICK HERE to view the slide show.

Please read more about North Godwin in the School News Network story, The Road to Success in a High-Poverty School:  It’s All About Collaboration, Expectations.

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