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Gallagher Builds a Lifelong Desire to Read and Write

What is in the best interest of our students? Is it teaching to the newest standards movement, like the Common Core? Teaching that prepares students to take a test? Or is it something more meaningful and authentic? Something more enduring?

Kelly Gallagher will be at Kent ISD on March 23rd  to present Core Values to secondary educators. He invites fellow educators to pause in the midst of the standards commotion and remind themselves to do right by their students – to ensure that their reading, writing, speaking, and listening are grounded in deep thinking – and to foster a lifelong desire to read.

During his presentation, Kelly will discuss content from his latest book,  In the Best Interest of Students: Staying True to What Works in the ELA Classroom,  (hitting bookstands on February 23rd). Here is a short video of Kelly talking about this book.

2-12-2015 10-21-51 AM

Kelly Gallagher: In the Best Interest of Students [VIDEO]

In this new book, and in the Core Values workshop on March 23rd, Kelly will address the real strengths in the Common Core standards as well as some significant weaknesses.

“Standards movements come and go, but the core values behind the effective teaching of reading and writing remain true and unchanged.”

Kelly will share the importance of staying true to these core values, and how doing so will help elevate the reading and writing abilities of your students. Participants will also learn:

  • 3 types of CCSS writing discourses
  • Models that drive better writing
  • Teaching the argument paper
  • The reading-writing connection
  • Building deeper readers

Kelly will help navigate standards and the realities that accompany them while not neglecting proven literacy practices…with concrete examples, practical lessons, and instructional strategies that he uses successfully in his own classroom.

Seats are filling up quickly for Core Values on March 23rd!
CLICK HERE to reserve your seat today!


Kent ISDCLICK HERE to learn more about Kelly Gallagher’s new book In the Best Interest of Students (from Stenhouse Publishing) and preview the first chapter. Register for Core Values by March 12th to purchase this book at a special price of $20.


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