Kent ISD Calculus the Musical

Calculus: The Musical Coming to Grand Rapids!

A few years ago, Rusty Anderson, former AP Calculus teacher, took his class to experience Calculus: The Musical LIVE.   The show took his students through the history (Leibniz and Newton’s Contributions) and important concepts of Calculus in an interactive musical. This unique journey helped the students to interact with the content.

“During the school year, I incorporated the Calculus: The Musical Songs in the classroom when specific Calculus concepts were being mastered.  As they learned new concepts, the students truly looked forward to the songs that accompanied them.  Seeing the show live really brought the content and timeline of the subject to life for my students.” Rusty explains.

This show served as a great launch for a project Rusty asked his students to complete after the AP Calculus Exam.  The students either created a music video or wrote an essay about the history of Calculus.  “Adding this musical to an AP Calculus class was a great way for the students to experience Calculus through a different lens, showing what they had learned throughout the course in an engaging way.” says Rusty. “The students really loved the show and it inspired them to get started on a fun project after the AP Exam.”

Here Rusty shares one of the student music videos from this project:

Rusty now works at Kent ISD as a Math consultant and wanted to bring this same opportunity to more students.

On May 11th, Calculus: The Musical will be performing at Northview Auditorium.  Tickets are on sale now for $6 each!

Click HERE to reserve tickets today for your students to experience this wonderful musical show!

This post was written by Rusty Anderson, Math Consultant at Kent ISD and edited by Amanda Walma, Professional Learning Coordinator at Kent ISD.


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