Kent ISD Sci Con 2015

Science is Fun!

Science teachers from Kent County and Southwest Michigan unite to show students that science is fun!

Kent ISD ScienceTeams of teachers and administrators have been meeting to find ways to collaborate and share best practices that align to the Framework for K-12 Science Education. The science and engineering practices of the framework promote equity among students and truly get students engaged in doing science. These groups will continue next school year as we begin to look at ways to answer the question,

“How do we know what students know?”

On February 26-28th, over 1,500 teachers attended the Michigan Science Teachers Association’s  (MSTA) 62nd annual conference, “Engineering Grand Ideas in Science,” at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids.  This conference gave area teachers an opportunity to share experiences, ideas, and successes with other teachers from Michigan.

When one local teacher was asked why she attended the conference, she responded that “the conference energizes her to reflect on her practice and try new instructional strategies to promote student learning.”

The two-day event offered over 250 sessions, led by Michigan educators with classroom examples based on the Next Generation Science Standards. “This [conference] will allow teachers to immediately return to their schools, able to share what they have learned with the students in their classrooms and with their colleagues in their buildings,” said Robby Cramer, executive director of the Michigan Science Teachers Association (MLIVE, 2/26/15).

Science Conference Video

More Science Coming this Year!

On May 20th, Kent ISD will be hosting the inaugural  GR Sci Con. This one day conference will feature Joseph Krajcik, Director of the Create for STEM Institute at MSU, Robby Cramer, Executive Director of the Michigan Science Teachers Association, and the Michigan Department of Education.  Area teachers will be sharing classroom stories and experts from STEM and education technology will  facilitate sessions.

Click HERE to register for GR Sci Con on May 20th.

For additional science resources or to sign up for the science update newsletter, please click HERE to visit the Kent ISD Science webpage.

This post was written by Jennifer Arnswald, Science Consultant at Kent ISD and edited by Amanda Walma Professional Learning Coordinator at Kent ISD.

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