Adaptive Schools w/ Carolyn McKanders at Kent ISD

Make a Difference in Your PLC

Most of us started Professional Learning Communities (PLC), because PLCs promised to help us make our department/school/district the best it could be to accomplish huge gains in student achievement.

Did it live up to the hype? 

Most of us have to say “No,” but the potential is there.  So how do we energize our PLCs to really accomplish our School Improvement goals? How do we become genuinely collaborative in meeting the new challenges of our changing world?  How do we become a collaborative culture that is flexible enough to meet whatever comes?

Adaptive Schools w/ Carolyn McKanders at Kent ISDProductive teams are developed, not born. School-wide improvements in student learning accrue to schools whose work cultures are truly collaborative, but how do you get from meeting to collaborating?

To be adaptive means to change form and clarify identity. Form can be the ways we structure our organization and the ways in which we do our work. A collaborative professional culture in a school offers a positive and productive means to organize the work of on-going school improvement. It enables us to talk about the hard-to-talk-about details of learning, teaching, assessment and the cumulative effects of our work with students.

So how do we do it? How do we transform and adapt ourselves to become a productive team?

Adaptive Schools w/ Carolyn McKanders at Kent ISDAdaptive Schools is the “how” of professional learning communities: how to behave in groups, how to lead them, and how to facilitate them for improved leading, teaching, and learning.

The work of the Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar is to develop the resources and capacities of the organization and of the individuals to cohesively respond to the changing needs of our students and our society. This training not only explores what makes teams effective, but how to develop our skills as facilitators and informed group members in both formal and informal settings.

Adaptive Schools will take you beyond the idea of PLCs to the actual implementation, describing specific ways to weave the collaborative fabric of a faculty, develop group member skills, and acquire the principles and understandings to engage in a continuous cycle of team and individual improvement.

If you choose to participate in a 4-day Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar, you will develop these skills to enhance any group or team as either leader or participant:

  • An increased capacity to initiate, develop, and sustain high functioning groups
  • New lenses for diagnosing the stages and phases of group development
  • An expanded repertoire of practical facilitation tools
  • Understanding of when and how to engage groups in dialogue and discussion, the limitations, forms, and values of each
  • Skills to move groups beyond consensus to common focus
  • Ways to value and use dissension, argument, and conflict
  • Strategies for keeping group members on track, on topic, energized and resourceful

Could you make a difference in your PLC or other groups in which you participate?

Carolyn McKandersKent ISD is offering a four-days Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar with Carolyn McKanders on November 19 &  20, December 10 & 11.

CLICK HERE for registration information.


This post was written by Mary Nell Baldwin, Professional Development Consultant at Kent ISD and edited by Amanda Walma, Professional Learning Coordinator at Kent ISD.

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