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How to Achieve Fully Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is currently one of the biggest buzzwords in education, but it is somewhat vague and certainly a massive topic. Before reading further, take a moment to define personalized learning (maybe even write it down).

Your answer likely had something to do with student choice, individual pacing, flexible structures, and technology. All of these are a part of the personalized learning spectrum. Yes, it is a spectrum. A school system could have one or more of these in place as it addresses students as individually as possible.Kent ISD Personalized Learning Graphic

While most agree that personalizing is beneficial for students, no one has a solution that can achieve it easily. It typically requires system-wide changes in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Schools also have to rethink attendance, progress-monitoring, support systems, and much more. This is overwhelming! However, since it is a spectrum, educators can move purposefully towards the high end of the spectrum over time.

Kent ISD recognizes that this is an area in need of support, so we are partnering with the Michigan Department of Education to host a Personalized Learning Conference on October 28. The conference itself will be personalized and participants will be asked to set goals and move flexibly through sessions of varied length and topics that address the various components of this complex topic.

[CLICK HERE] to save the date, and sign up to receive updates on the Personal Learning Conference website.

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About Our Guest Blogger: Craig Steenstra
Craig Steenstra is an educational technology consultant at Kent ISD. He has developed a K-5 technology integration site that has been very useful to many districts in Kent County. He also writes blog posts for the Kent ISD Ed Tech Blog in conjunction with the rest of the Kent ISD Ed Tech Team.

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