Unlocking full teaching potential Kent ISD

Unlock Your Full Teaching Potential

Building Foundations of Teaching for Learning

Back to School Kent ISDIs it time to go Back to School already?  Yikes!  Where did the summer go?  

Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie, we all have mixed feelings of excitement and fear about the first days of school.  To prepare for that first day, I know many districts in Kent County were busy over the summer hiring teachers.

This year, Kent ISD is excited to offer an innovative professional learning opportunity to support teachers, especially those who are early in their career!

Starting on September 19th, Kent ISD is offering a series of ongoing professional learning titled, The Learning Academy.  It is an intensive, interactive learning series dedicated to helping you make your classroom experience positive and rewarding for you and your students.  

The Learning Academy focuses on building the foundations of teaching through a year-round, three year series.  Teachers meet in groups, online, and with coaches throughout the school year to discuss their learning and experiences.

The continuous staff development focuses on relevant, collaborative and reflective learning to give teachers skills to utilize daily in the classroom and to strengthen the delivery of instruction.  Think of it as a personal support system that all teachers can benefit from!teacher collaboration Kent ISD

What The Learning Academy can offer you is:

  1.      Professional learning that is relevant
  2.      Strategies and skills for you to use right away
  3.      A cadre of instructional coaching support
  4.      A network of teachers from around the county in a supportive community
  5.      A pathway for mentoring and personalized approaches to your learning

When you think about the teaching journey ahead of you and as you prepare for your first day in the classroom, seek the support and feedback you need to guide your development by joining The Learning Academy.

The time spent at The Learning Academy can count towards your new teacher’s professional development hours! Districts are required to provide new teachers with 15 days worth of PD over their first three years.

Click Here to read more about The Learning Academy and to register.   

Blog post written by Sarah Earnest, Human Resource Director for Kent ISD and edited by Amanda Walma Professional Development Coordinator for Kent ISD.

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