Kent ISD

Successful Teachers, Successful Students

With over 400 principals in Kent County  schools, leadership professional development is necessary in order to continue to be instructional leaders for our teachers and our students.

As many of you are aware, evaluation processes and procedures have inundated our work.  However, do we really know how to help teachers get better?  Is it through evaluation? 

Three years ago, Kent ISD created a professional learning series to support principals and district leaders in their leadership around teacher growth through evaluations.  Much like district leaders recommit themselves to a new year, we have recommitted ourselves to looking at this learning series and redesigned our work to support leaders and our county’s investment in teacher development through effective evaluation practices.

Kent ISD

By helping teachers succeed in the classroom, we help students’ chance of success. 

In order to accomplish success in the classroom, we need to have a common understanding of how to support teachers’ improvement year to year in collaboration with our evaluation practices.  We have bombarded teachers with evaluation processes and summative ratings with little substantial connection to growth for mastered critical skills.

This learning opportunity is focused on preparing administrators in pursuit of teacher improvement and shares an acknowledgement to recommit ourselves to reaching this goal.  We have no excuse – we cannot blame lack of time, money or good intentions.  We are admitting that getting there will take much more than professional development; it will require a new conversation about teacher development – one that provides learning around fundamental questions on what better teaching means and how we will achieve it.

The Supporting Teacher Growth series at Kent ISD is designed under the premise to assist administrators in using evaluation to impact teacher development and student achievement.

Participants in this series learn about:
  • collaborative learning principles,
  • offering interactive learning to support consistent district strategies,
  • effective observational skills,
  • reflective feedback,
  • and protocols for conversations with struggling teachers.

To do this, we are focused on a series of learning that redefines what it means to help teachers improve, reevaluate professional learning to support teachers, and reinventing how we support effective teaching in each rating scale.

Click HERE to register now for Supporting Teacher Growth, because by helping teachers in the classroom, we help students’ chance of success!

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