Kent ISD 3 Unique Reading Strategies

3 Unique Reading Strategies You’ll Want to Try!

Learning to read can be difficult for anyone.  Michigan’s proficiency on the NAEP is just over 30 percent for third-grade readers.  Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) Region Three superintendents are tackling this problem through the Reading Now Network, which is beginning to develop resources for the classroom.

This morning I watched a TedX talk that had some unique approaches to improve reading in ALL students.  When I say ALL students, I mean even those with learning disabilities.Chris Bugaj

The TedX talk was by Chris Bugaj, MA CCC-SLP the founding member of the Assistive Technology Team for Loudoun County Public Schools.

In Chris’ TedX talk, he shared three unique reading strategies.

  1. Closed Captioning: “Have you turned the captions on?” Chris says jokingly in his TedX talk. “Studies show that people who use closed captioning, actually turn out to be better readers.” How many of you are using closed captioning with the media in your classroom or as a parent in your home?
  2. Text to Speech: “Why is text to speech so important? Because anyone who’s learning to read, they come to a word that they don’t know, they hit that little play button and then they listen to it, right? Now they can learn what that word is and if it’s a sentence they can learn what that sentence is and they can help understand the meaning using their auditory.” says Chris. He also explains how text to speech can be used as an editing tool.  He says, “plenty of authors use text to speech to listen to the text before turning it into the publisher. Why? Because as a listener your ears can catch the mistakes that your eyes didn’t.”
  3. Audio Stories: “Just listening to stories helps students become better readers,” Chris shared in his talk. Why not use books on CD or podcasts in the classroom? Chris suggests burning free podcasts, such as his Night Lights Stories, and giving them out in the classroom prize bucket, or as party favors.  Your students will run home and listen to those stories on CDs or have their parents play them in the car, and “In this way [your students] are falling in love with literature even at an age when they can’t read.”

Chris wraps up his TedX talk by relating these strategies to a term you may have heard about called Universal Design for Learning.  He says “What if we changed our instructional approach? Instead of planning for students that don’t have disabilities…what if we changed that whole thing and flipped it on its ear? What if we planned and created materials for students with disabilities and then just applied those to everybody else?”

Would you like to meet Chris Bugaj?

On October 15 and 16, Chris Bugaj will be presenting at Kent ISD’s AssisTechKnow 2015.  He is the keynote speaker and he will be presenting sessions throughout both days! His sessions include:

  • Strengthening and Streamlining Your AT Practice
  • Getting to the Core of Language
  • Multiple Means of Professional Development
  • As well as a couple of Q&A sessions!

In addition to getting the chance to see Chris Bugaj speak live and ask him questions, attending AssisTechKnow 2015 is a great opportunity to really dive into some learning!Kent ISD 3 Unique Reading Strategies

Would you like to learn some targeted strategies for using social media and other online tools to connect with other educators, increase differentiation and improve your students’ higher order thinking skills?  How about trying some screen casting to increase accessibility and personalize instruction? Or maybe get the latest in educational iPad apps?  Over 40 additional sessions will target:

  • The Secrets of Your iPad and iPhone
  • Utilizing Voice Dictation
  • Google Resources You Didn’t Know You Had
  • Literacy Tools Across Platforms
  • Chrome Browser Accessibility
  • Data for Early Childhood
  • Helping Disorganized Students
  • and many, many, more!

Past participants have said:

“I wouldn’t miss it – best conference I have attended in years”, “So many practical ideas and strategies that I can use right away”, “So many interesting sessions, I hated to choose”, “I won a Chromebook as a door prize!”  “AssisTechKnow is the best value in the area – for only $20 I learned more here than any other conference.”

Click HERE to learn more about this conference and to reserve your seat today!

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