Kent ISD Reading in the Wild with Donalyn Miller

Brand Yourself As a Reader

Do your students see you as a reader?  What does a reader look like?  Sound like?

Have you ever thought of developing interest in reading as marketing reading?  Not so far-fetched, because reading has to compete with video games, sports, TV, the internet, going fishing, any and all of the intriguing options out there for our students.

Kent ISD Reading in the Wild with Donalyn MillerWhen you hear the name Donalyn Miller, is “reading” the first word that pops into your head?  A friend of Donalyn’s, Christopher Lehman, wrote an excellent post on Donalyn’s Blog on Education Week TEACHER, called What Kardashians Taught Me About Reading Instruction (No, For Real).

In his post, Chistopher Lehman does a direct comparison between Donalyn Miller and Kim Kardashian. He says, you start with branding yourself as a reader using the same strategies that Kim Kardashian uses to brand herself. Kim’s brand is glamour, fashion…and fame.

So how is that like Donalyn? Donalyn’s name is synonymous with reading.  Both talk about, post about, write about, and tweet about their passion….constantly. You might get up your courage and ask Kim where to shop, and Donalyn’s students absolutely know that she will know a great book to read!

To inspire kids to become readers, you have to brand yourself as a reader every day.  It’s what you do every day. Just saying, “I’m a reader,” can actually dilute your brand as a reader. You can’t just talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.

Branded readers like Donalyn talk about books, post about books online and in the classroom. They cover their classroom walls with book jackets. They make sure that the books are intriguing and special. Some of these teachers even have waiting lists for their classroom books. How do you market books in your classroom?

Kent ISD Reading in the Wild with Donalyn MillerIn The Book Whisperer, Donalyn shared her development as a reading teacher and describes how she inspires and motivates middle school students to aspire to read 40 books a year.  In Reading in the Wild, she collected responses from 900 adult readers and uses that information to teach lifelong reading habits to her students.

On November 17th, Donalyn Miller will be sharing what she learned about building lifelong readers in her presentation, Reading in the Wild, for teachers at Kent ISD.

Click HERE to register for Donalyn’s Reading in the Wild Presentation on November 17th.

This post was written by Mary Nell Baldwin, Professional Development Consultant at Kent ISD and edited by Amanda Walma Professional Learning Coordinator at Kent ISD.

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