A Holiday Gift to Accompany New Science Standards…

STEM PD Comes With FREE Drones, 3-D Printers

Are you ready for the newly-adopted Michigan Science Standards? This Kent ISD PD and free technology from MDE can help.

Inside the standards is an engineering component, which is a great match for the drones and printers MDE’s 99s(5) grant will pay for. If you’re looking for effective ways to engage students in engineering concepts, these workshops and technology will equip you to advance both learning and awareness of the careers using these tools. Teacher’s will work with the equipment hands-on, then take the equipment back to their district (to keep) for use in the classroom!


And since Kent ISD an approved PD provider for this grant, it will even cover substitute fees to make it easier for teachers to participate. There are separate sessions for the late winter workshops on drones or printers. The registration deadline is December 15, 2015.

Click the dates to sign up for the Kent ISD PD and receive your FREE 3D Printer:  February 11 & 12 or March 15 & 16

3D Printer Sand LakeTouted as being the next industrial revolution, 3D printing technology is single-handedly disrupting engineering and design fields. Bring this technology into your classroom to both engage and inspire students. We are offering 2 PD opportunities where your school district can take home a 3D printer. Attendees will unpack, configure, & use a 3D printer with curriculum and free engineering design software provided by the ISD. Attendees will keep the printer to bring back to their classrooms for use with students. We will explore various resources and software tools used to create 3D models and pre-engineered materials. No prior design experience is required.

Click the dates to sign up for the Kent ISD PD and receive your FREE Drone/UAV: February 17 & 18 or April 26 & 27

Children Drone SoftwareDrones have been in the news a lot lately and are being used by professionals in many fields including sales, civil engineering, agriculture, and wildlife management. How great would it be to leverage this new technology to teach perseverance in problem solving, quantitative reasoning, and analyzing data? Lesson ideas for UAV/drone use will be shared and participants will receive free programming software for autonomous flight provided by Kent ISD. Attendees will configure, test fly, and learn the basics of UAV/drone operation including several safety and legal considerations. Attendees will keep the UAV/drone to bring back to their classrooms for use with students. No prior aviation or programming experience is required.

If you have any questions about the above professional development or grant please contact Ebiri  Nkugba or Rick Mushing.

This post was written by Ebiri Nkugba, STEM Consultant at Kent ISD and edited by Amanda Walma Professional Learning Coordinator at Kent ISD.

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