Share Fair Nation Kent ISD

Educators Wanted for Share Fair Nation in November 2016!

“I observed a phenomenal school that focuses on STEM, flipped classes, and problem-based learning and I am inspired by the possibilities, especially with problem-based learning. I see that I can go so much farther with the technology I have than what I have been doing. I see that I can go so much farther with engaging students and providing them with an authentic learning opportunity that will engage them and get them hooked on learning forever. I am pumped to incorporate what I learned into my units for next year.” Aniko Z, 5th Grade Nonfiction Teacher, New York, NY.

The above quote comes from a teacher that attended Share Fair Nation, a professional development by educators for educators.  And Share Fair nation is coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 12, 2016. By partnering with GVSU, and several local districts, Kent ISD is excited to bring this national movement to West Michigan.

Share Fair Nation provides PreK-12 educators the opportunity to join the conversation around inspired teaching and learning, to collaborate and share best practices, to discover emergent strategies and technologies, and to see firsthand valuable and innovative approaches to delivering 21st-Century learning.

This event will feature two parts: a STEMosphere® and a series of educator workshops called Classroom Intensives.

STEMosphere® highlights the best innovation and creativity and provides an opportunity to participate in STEM-oriented interactive exhibits that are hands-on, brains-on adventures for all attendees, from educators to students to families.

Classroom Intensives are thought-provoking professional development workshops designed exclusively for PreK-12 educators to learn about best practices, emergent strategies, and innovative approaches to incorporating 21st Century learning into classroom.

Kent ISD is currently recruiting presenters for Classroom Intensives!

If you or someone you know has a great way to engage students in 21st-century learning, we hope you’ll consider sharing by completing a presenter application.

CLICK HERE to access the presenter application.
CLICK HERE to learn more about this fantastic event!

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