School improvement plan kent isd

5 Tips for School Improvement Plan Success

Spring is a time for renewal – a time to renew your School and District Improvement Plans!  As your building/district teams continue the work of school improvement, keep the following tips in mind:

Tips for School Improvement Plan Success

  1. Prior to editing the school improvement plan, be sure to complete the School Data Analysis in ASSIST.  Update it with the most current information and analysis. This diagnostic tool will help determine the greatest areas of need and a focus for the 2016-2017 school year.
  2. Identify instructional strategies and activities that you will continue to implement, those that will need to be tweaked, and those that you can eliminate by completing the full Program Evaluation Tool in ASSIST for one program/initiative/strategy and by completing the “short” PET for other programs.
  3. Ensure that your District Improvement Plan includes all strategies and activities that will be funded by state and federal sources.
  4. Design a plan that aligns to the academic and social needs of the students and incorporates the professional learning needs of the teaching staff.
  5. Check out Kent ISD’s PD plan for 2016/2017 for professional learning opportunities that align with your Improvement Plan.

Kent ISD-PD Plan 16-17

If you would like assistance completing your District/School Improvement Plans, or help with navigating ASSIST, please contact a member of the Kent ISD School Improvement Team.

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