Kent ISD Enhance Classroom Library

We have a winner…

Or should I say we have 10 winners! Due to an overwhelming response to our Want to Enhance Your Classroom Library- For the Love of Reading” blog post on May 19th, we decided to increase the number of winners to 10 schools with $400 in books to enhance their classroom library. 

We had almost 500 responses to our post! We were very impressed with all of the entries. It was very clear that the teachers in Kent County have a love of reading and a love for their students.  We wish we could have helped everyone.

Thank you to everyone that entered.

And the winners are…

  • Mitchell Ziomkowski from San Juan Diego Academy
  • Jamie Lewis from Thornapple Kellogg Middle School
  • Laura Coolman from Kettle Lake Elementary in Caledonia
  • Cheryl Johnson from Northview High School
  • Kari Smith from Wyoming High School
  • Lisa English from Mill Creek Middle School in Comstock Park
  • Michele Stutzky from Century Park Learning Center in Grandville
  • Melissa Cochrill from Meadow Ridge Elementary in Rockford
  • Brooke Coleman from Burton Elementary in Grand Rapids
  • David Sterken from North Godwin Elementary in Godwin Heights

The winners will receive $400 in books to enhance their classroom library. Congratulations and enjoy your new books!

This post was written by Teaching and Learning Team at Kent ISD.


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