Leaders Needed – West MI Education Leadership Conference

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy

Effective leadership is a constantly evolving practice. Whether you are new to school leadership, or a seasoned administrator, remaining current and cultivating ideas is essential.

Kent ISD West Michigan education Leadership ConferenceThe West Michigan Education Leadership Conference (WMELC), hosted by Kent Intermediate School District, offers this opportunity. Back for a third year, on November 14, 2016, this conference offers something for every level of school leadership.


“A very interesting and inspirational day.”

“Many presenters offered a base of research that ties to the information shared. When working with staff it is always good to have quality, research-based information and practices to tie to the important work. Greatly appreciated!”


Leaders attending this conference will explore emerging best practices for effectively serving students and families across the academic and behavioral domains of school life.  They will learn about the most current standards in the areas of school improvement, technology, and diverse learning needs.

Join a network of over 150 colleagues for a dynamic collaboration, participating in a thought-provoking discussion and learning about new, critical and innovative strategies and topics.  Interact with on-site exhibitors demonstrating current educational products and supports. Network with other leaders while learning and exchanging practical ideas.  Leave energized and ready to support both educators and students, as well as, the real and specific challenges and opportunities facing your school.


Registration is open for the November 14, 2017 conference!
Click Here to register today for WMELC.


We are looking for presentations on Special Education, School Leadership, Data to Improve Instruction, MDE’s Top 10 in 10, Michigan Academic Standards, Teacher Evaluation, Educational Technology, and more.

Share your knowledge and fill out a proposal today!
CLICK HERE to submit a presentation proposal.
All proposals should be submitted by September 2, 2016.


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