Kent ISD Network Teams

Opportunity for Curriculum Networking and Resources

There are nearly 15,000 English Learners in Kent County schools.  Nationally, 1 in 4 students is an English Learner.

How are you supporting English Learners (EL) at your school in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts?

EL Coaching Network (ELCN)

Last year participants from 20 districts came together to learn, discuss, and devise action plans to increase the achievement of their EL students. The 2016/2017 EL Coaching Network will focus on support for ELs in the K-12 content areas. EL teachers, EL staff, and content teachers are welcome to join.

Did you know that Kent ISD has other Curriculum focused networks?

Not only can your district participate in our EL Coaching Network, the Teaching and Learning department at Kent ISD has created the opportunity for all Kent County districts to network and obtain resources related to each specific content area. During the school year, these networks meet and provide your districts with valuable resources to improve teaching and learning in your schools.

Michigan Mathematics Educators (#MichME)

Michigan Mathematics Educators is a collaborative networking group where administrators, math coaches, math specialists, and math teachers work together to learn and address effective teaching and learning of mathematics. While this is a group that will focus on the shifts in mathematics education K-12, it will also offer an amazing networking opportunity for all involved. Last year, 146 participants representing West Michigan attended the network.

Below are a few artifacts from participants:

“I appreciated the conversations and connections between math educators. I have received new strategies and mindset towards math education. This knowledge has enabled me to bring value back to my department.”

“The sessions have pushed me to think about how students learn versus what I feel comfortable presenting. I have found myself thinking more about how to incorporate discussions and foster mathematical curiosity within my classroom.”

“I have learned the value of collaborating with other districts.  This has been a different type of learning as schools share what they are learning and trying out in their districts.  I am not alone in the struggles and successes that students/ teachers are making.”

The most important learning that I took away personally is validation that as a coach we are on the right trajectory in leading the staff in mathematics. I certainly valued the time to be able to have dialogue with my district team, as that is something that has never been allotted for with our calendar year.  Keeping the district vision/goals in mind has been crucial for our team.”

Literacy Coaches Network (LCN)

The Literacy Coaches Network is in their eleventh year of leading literacy learning!

Celebrating Literacy is our learning theme for 2016/2017. This year Cris Tovani, a high school reading specialist, English teacher and author, will inspire and inform our literacy learning.

LCN Members will have a choice of two study sessions to follow for the year that have a central focus and utilize a learning format with specific resource books, literacy/thinking skills, roundtable sharing, panel groups, break-out sessions, group interactions and technology opportunities.

LCN Connections to: Classroom Learning Lab Schools and Facilitation Training, Units of Study for Reading, Writing, and Math, Literacy Strategies that support the Common Core Essentials, facilitation of group conversations, leadership development, coaching, current research-based practices, resource books, targeted on-site support from LCN Trainers, networking, and access to Kent ISD’s literacy website

Kent Science Team/NextGen Science Exemplar (NGSX)

This is the first year for the new Michigan Science Standards Implementation across the state. Kent ISD is supporting this implementation with a national, action-researched based, grant funded professional development called NextGen Exemplar in place of Kent Science Team this year.

Over 200 teachers in Kent County are currently enrolled, and more sessions will be available soon. Consider participating in this unique opportunity!

Kent ISD will also have a set of statewide professional development modules available to use in schools and districts around the county. Administrators are strongly encouraged to train alongside teachers to see how science teaching and learning is changing.

Click HERE for Kent ISD’s Implementation Plan.

Kent Educational Technology Specialists (KETS)

The Kent ISD EdTech team is launching a regional edtech network: Kent Educational Technology Specialists (KETS). In this network, there will be collaborative problem solving, continuous learning, and strong personal connections. Here is the what, why, and how of the design:

What: Establish a network of instructional technology specialists to enhance the use of tech to support learning.

Why: Harness the varied experiences of districts and individuals, so that all members can learn from and contribute to each other.

How: Meetings will include the following activities: classroom/district observation of critical ed tech topics; face-to-face and virtual discussion and processing around identified topics; sharing of ideas and effective practices; and, targeting challenges through network support.

Who: Anyone who supports other educators in the area of educational technology are welcome and encouraged to participate in KETS.

Join Today!

Please share this information within your district and know that you are invited to join each of these networks. Click the link below to read more information or join these valuable networks:

English Learner Coaching Network (ELCN) 

Michigan Mathematics Educators (#MichME)

Literacy Coaches Network (LCN)

Kent Science Team/NextGen Science Exemplar (NGSX)

Kent Educational Technology Specialists (KETS)

This blog post was written by Casey Gordon, EL Consultant, Rusty Anderson, Math Consultant, Mark Raffler, Literacy Consultant, Andrew Steinman, Ed Tech Consultant, and Wendi Vogel, Science Consultant for Kent ISD and edited by Amanda Walma, Professional Learning Coordinator for Kent ISD.


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