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Lights, Camera…Engagement!

Looking to do something different this year?  Searching for a way to help your students demonstrate learning as well as practice those critical skills they’ll need in their future like collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving?  How about having them make a movie?

What’s that you say?  You want something more serious, more academic?  Something that will help prepare them for real jobs someday?  Again I say, what about using film as an educational medium?

Before you dismiss it, just hear me out.  Consider this.  You’re a Language Arts teacher reading Macbeth.  You’re trying to teach your students some of the main themes of the play – like what happens when ambition goes unchecked.

  • They could fill out some worksheets.
  • They could write a report.
  • Or, they could create a movie telling a different story – their own story – to illustrate the same theme.

Think about it.  This utilizes the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy – application, analysis, evaluation, and – yes – creation!  And, trust me on this; they will be FAR more engaged in the process.

What’s more, now is the perfect time to try out this new project, as the Mosaic Mobile Film Experience is right around the corner.  What is the Mosaic Mobile Film Experience?  It’s a juried, short film competition with cash and prize giveaways!  The best part is, it’s hosted by local nonprofit The Mosaic Film Experience.  Their aim is to challenge the conventions of storytelling and leveling the playing field by requiring students to use mobile technology to create their films.  For them, it’s less about the packaging and more about the content.  Hmmm.  Now where have I heard that before?

Mosaic Film ExperienceTheir true mission, though, is to use film as a medium for integrating life skills as well as using it as a bridge to careers.  And, no, I’m not talking jobs like actors and directors!  In fact, the organization uses the Mosaic Mobile Film Competition as the “bait” for their Mosaic Film Experience event, held in November.

Heading into their fifth year, the “Experience” is a full-day event open to high school students throughout Kent County.  Students will hear from film-related professionals in industries like graphic design, game design, coding & programming and more.  Last year, Carla Moore, VP of Talent Acquisition for HBO, came and spoke and informed students of all the types of jobs and opportunities at HBO, most of which have nothing to do with film itself.

So, if you’re looking for ways to engage your students with your curriculum and make it relevant at the same time, consider having your students submit films for the Mosaic Mobile Film Experience.  If you want to take it a step further, and help them connect it to careers and opportunities, sign up to attend the Mosaic Film Experience 2016.

For more information on Mosaic Mobile and the Mosaic Film Experience, check out their website at

Eric Kelliher Kent ISDOur guest blogger is Eric Kelliher, Kent ISD Career Readiness Consultant. Check out his Teacher in Industry page:
This post was edited by Amanda Walma, Professional Learning Coordinator at Kent ISD.

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