Art Integration Improves Student Learning Reading Math Science

Using Arts to Improve Student Learning in Reading, Math, and Science

Imagine 2nd grade students marching, swinging, and twirling to show how movement adds fun and effect to theatre performance!

Imagine 5th graders creating stories that emerge from symbols discovered on images of ancient urns – showing understanding of visual arts!

Imagine high school students getting attention for their vocal talent when performances are recorded and assessed by both teachers and students as evidence for quality!

“When early elementary teachers integrate music and theater, student learning improves in reading, math, and science as they become better critical thinkers and problem solvers.” Edutopia, “Rainstorms and Symphonies: Performing Arts Bring Abstract Concepts to Life.” Mary Grescok, Lisette Steinwald, 10/5/2016.

The New Mexico School for Arts teaches its high school students to take risks, make mistakes and learn from critical feedback to learn and grow.  This school has outperformed the state in reading, math, and science every year since 2013.

Watch this short video to see how incorporating the arts into learning has worked for NMSA:

Michigan Arts Education Instruction and Assessment MAEIA is the first statewide project to compile a comprehensive set of tools and resources that help districts with:

  • Arts program review and goal setting.
  • School improvement.
  • Student motivation, engagement and assessment.
  • Educator effectiveness.
  • Professional Learning in the Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts).

MAEIA’s catalogue of 350 K-12 voluntary assessments, (one of the largest in the nation), supports teachers’ choice of performance tasks that match student-centered curriculum, instruction, and authentic assessment goals.

These assessments are designed for and may be used by Arts teachers as well as classroom teachers looking for ways to integrate arts with other curricular strands.

Learn about these possibilities for students and more by participating in the MAEIA project:

Do you incorporate the arts into your curriculum? Share your story below…

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