Time is Running out to attend Adaptive Schools

I’m sure you have all heard what an amazing leadership course Adaptive Schools is and what a phenomenal  presenter Carolyn McKanders is.  (I just like to watch her!)

The Adaptive Schools Foundation and Advanced Seminars present a productive, practical set of ideas and tools for developing collaborative groups into becoming effective and better equipped to resolve complex issues around student learning.

The work of the Adaptive Schools Seminars is to develop the resources and capacities of the organization and of individuals to cohesively respond to the changing needs of students and society. This training not only explores what makes teams effective, but how to develop skills as facilitators and informed group members in informal and formal settings, in small and large groups.

One participant shared “I can apply Adaptive Schools strategies into my classroom to increase participation. I can incorporate the structure of effective meetings as a grade-level leader and learning lab facilitator.”

This course takes participants beyond the idea of professional learning communities to the actual implementation, describing specific ways to weave the collaborative fabric of a faculty, develop group member skills, and acquire the principles and understanding to engage in a continuous cycle of team and individual improvement.

Adaptive Schools is the ‘how’ of professional learning communities: how to behave in groups, how to lead them, and how to facilitate for improved leading, teaching, and learning.

And sadly, this will probably be the last time Kent ISD brings Carolyn McKanders in to do Adaptive Schools at a subsidized rate (1/2 of cost) for Kent ISD Educators, because Adaptive Schools is nearing the saturation point in our region. This four day course will be held on April 24, April 25, May 10, and May 11, 2017 at Kent ISD.

Only Kent ISD districts can register until January 15th when registration opens to all. Click here to enroll today for the next session of Adaptive Schools with Carolyn McKanders and beat the rush!

This blog post was written and edited by Mary Nell Baldwin, Professional Development Consultant and Amanda Walma, Professional Learning Coordinator at Kent ISD.

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