Don’t Miss Kenowa Hills Personalized Learning In Action!

See personalized learning in action at the Kenowa Hills Public School District

You may have read about personalized learning in previous blog posts (5 Misconceptions of Personalized Learning) or maybe you even attended PLCON 2016, but have you seen what it actually looks like in a classroom, school, and district?
On Tuesday, May 2, Kenowa Hills is welcoming up to 50 educators to visit their elementary, middle, and high schools for guided classroom tours, mini-presentations, and Q & A sessions with teachers, students, and school leaders. This is a FREE opportunity open to all educators

How Kenowa Hills is Personalizing Learning


Between 2013-2016, Kenowa Hills Public Schools worked with Marzano Research and Re-Inventing Schools to begin transforming the district from a traditional time-based system to one based on personalized learning and competency-based practices.
They call this approach “Personal Mastery”.  Kenowa Hills utilized Marzano’s High Reliability Schools (HRS) (2014) framework to develop a strategic implementation plan to support this paradigm shift.

As such, the site visit will be framed around the following HRS components:

  • Safe and Collaborative Culture
  • Effective Teaching in Every Classroom
  • Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
  • Standards-Referenced Reporting
  • Competency-Based Education

2016-2017 School Year

To start this school year, Kenowa Hills Public Schools has partnered with KnowledgeWorks to deepen their implementation of a Personal Mastery system of education.  KnowledgeWorks is a non-profit organization, “committed to providing every learner with meaningful personalized learning experiences that ensure success in college, career and civic life” (website, n.d.).  With a presence in over 30 states, KnowledgeWorks brings a national perspective on best practices to the important work of personalizing learning.
During the site visit, Kenowa’s KnowledgeWorks coach, Laura Hilger, will join participants for conversations and informal dialogue.  This will be a great opportunity to connect with Ms. Hilger about how other districts throughout the nation are implementing highly effective personalized learning practices.

Beyond highlights of the five HRS components, the site visit will also include:

  • Student and teacher-led discussions and tours
  • Choice activities to meet individual needs
  • Demonstrations and discussion surrounding Kenowa Hills’ Learning Management System (LMS): Empower
  • An opportunity to tour the Knights STEM Academy; an off-site learning environment located side-by-side to an advanced manufacturing business within the district

See Personalized Learning in Action!

The Personalized Learning Conference has partnered with Kent Innovation High and Kenowa Hills Public Schools to offer site visits to schools where you can see personalized learning in action. KIH is also offering a PBL workshop for educators who would like to learn more about project-based learning and develop projects with a KIH facilitator.

Click the links below to learn more and sign up TODAY! Seats are limited, so don’t miss your chance to attend.

Sign up for the Personalized Learning Conference on May 3, 2017

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