Why YOU should attend SCICON 2017!

SCICON is back for another exciting year.  

On May 17th, Kent ISD will be hosting the annual SCICON GR. This one day conference will feature Wendy Johnson. Wendy is a Ph.D. Candidate in Science Education, and writing her dissertation on “Fostering Three-Dimensional Science Learning: The Role of Curiosity in Productive Classroom Discourse”, at Michigan State University.  Area teachers will be sharing classroom stories and experts from STEM and education technology will  facilitate sessions.

Reasons to Attend SCI CON this year:

  1. We have new science standards and teachers need to know how and what to implement. 
  2. The zoo is coming, with animals. That is a lot of phenomenon to consider!
  3. Chemistry teachers: we have an entire half-day devoted to you with local chemistry leaders.
  4. Our Keynote, Wendy Johnson, just earned a PhD in Science Education from MSU. Her dissertation was on students’ curiosity. She is bringing teacher videos to show what 3D learning looks like in the classroom.
  5. Michigan Department of Education will be there to share their assessment timeline plan and answer any questions you have regarding implementation.
  6. Vendors, Vendors, Vendors: Check out some of the new curriculums available that are NGSS aligned.
  7. There is an elementary strand, including an awareness course. Time for K-5 to get your science on!
  8. Spend time accessing a new assessment portal aligned to the standards for middle school.
  9. 3-Dimensional Learning is HARD. We need to do this transition together.
  10. MSTA was in Novi this year, so I bet most teachers didn’t go. This one day event is an opportunity to do some learning around science close to home!

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you to attend, join us to network.  Come and see what other science teachers are doing in their classrooms. “There is no one that has more credibility than someone who’s doing the same job you are.” (David Evens, NSTA’s Executive Director)

Don’t miss this event. Click here to sign up today!

This blog post was written by Wendi Vogel, Science Consultant for Kent ISD  and Amanda Walma, Professional Learning Coordinator at Kent ISD.

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