Plan Your PD for 2017/18

As we near the end of another school year, Kent ISD is ramping up efforts to provide outstanding professional learning opportunities in the 2017/2018 school year.

High Interest Topics for 2017/2018

Kelli Campbell, Teaching and Learning Director at Kent ISD, and I visited a few districts over the winter months to get an insight into what our local districts were looking for in the coming school year. We gathered all the information from our visits and found the following topics were of highest interest:

  1. Next Generation Science Exemplar System (NGSX)
    In 2016/17, Wendi Vogel trained almost 400 educators in science courses such as: Administrators, Evaluation Tools, and the New Science Standards; Common Core Literacy for 6-12 Science Teachers, Framework for K-12 Science Education; Invasive Species; Modeling in Chemistry; Modeling Instruction for Chemistry; NGSX Training; and Phenomenal Science K-5! And she is hosting the SCICON conference on May 17th this year!
  2. Mathematics
    In 2016/17, Rusty Anderson supported  and networked mathematics educators across West Michigan.  Within Michigan Mathematics Educators, the Kent ISD mathematics network, over 140 educators extended their thinking of the current trends in teaching and learning mathematics to positively impact students in our region. Along with this, the School Improvement Team hosted a workshop presented by Solution Tree called “Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching” in which 100 educators attended.
  3. Literacy
    In 2016/2017, our literacy department was very busy. We offered 15 professional learning opportunities that were attended by over 1,100 educators! The most popular were the West Michigan Early Literacy Leadership Symposium; Literacy Coaches Network; Cris Tovani; and, Cool, Loud, and Everywhere: Being a Reader Ambassador (Mr. Schu!).
  4. Multi-Tier System Supports (MTSS) and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
    The MTSS team trained almost 350 educators this year in MTSS. Kent ISD also trained 100 educators in PBIS for the classroom.
  5. Poverty
    In December of 2016, Kent ISD  brought in Paul Gorski to lead a session called “Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty” to over 60 educators from over 50 districts.
  6. Youth Mental Health First Aid
    Our Health consultants trained almost 100 educators in Youth Mental Health.
  7. Evaluation Training
    Almost 200 administrators were trained in evaluation systems.

Taking your needs into account, our consultants are working on our PD Plan for 2017/2018. Click here to see what we have so far. This list will be updated daily.

What’s Happening in PD at Kent ISD in 2017/2018

  • West Michigan Early Literacy Symposium, October 3rd in Grand Rapids, Michigan!
  • Next Generation Science Exemplar (NGSX) is back! This PD is to assist teachers with their instructional shifts in the new Michigan Science Standards. Six cohorts are planned for the 2017-18 school year at the ISD, along with one this June. This service can also be provided within districts separately from these opportunities, contact Wendi Vogel for more information on how to bring it to your district.
  • Michigan Mathematics Educators Network (#MichME)
  • Penny Kittle is back in February 2018! This workshop will focus on learning how to better understand and develop readers, writers, speakers, and listeners by examining what students are learning in a deep and meaningful way. 
  • English Learner Regional Academic Partnership will allow more flexibility for staff across Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon, and Allegan counties to attend PD on multiple dates and at multiple locations to better meet busy schedules.
  • Adaptive Schools Foundations (K-12), July 24-27, 2017 with Ann Hyde & Brandy Lovelady Mitchell
  • CHAMPS: PBIS in the Classroom (K-12), July 25-27, 2017, complements MTSS at the classroom level. 
  • Thinking Maps Training of Trainers (K-12, August 1-3 & October 2-3, 2017
  • West Michigan Educational Leadership Conference- Leaders in Action is back with a new format on December 11th, save the date!
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • STEM Network
  • Career Readiness Network
  • Health Ambassadors
  • And much more! We are adding new professional learning daily so check out our PD Plan for 2017/2018 often to see what new offerings we have added.

Kelli and I really enjoyed our conversations with you this year and hope you find opportunities that meet the needs of your district.

One thought on “Plan Your PD for 2017/18”

  1. Thank you for all you do to help us grow our learning. I plan to sign up for this summer’s math training. Last summer was incredible!!


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