Remote Learning Resources

This past spring, Kent ISD assembled a Remote Learning Implementation Support Team to assist districts in implementing the many components of their Continuity of Learning Plans. The following weeks, the team put together several blog posts on the following topics: Communication, Digital Access, Feedback, and Engagement.

At the time we had no idea that we would continue to face the pandemic at the start of the 2020/2021 school year. Now many of us are back to school, in a face to face atmosphere  preparing for the possibility of remote learning, or already in a remote learning environment. With this in mind, I wanted to make sure that the tools created last spring to support you were not lost. The information shared last spring is just as valuable now as it was during that time.

Please visit the topics below that would help you in your classroom and share with your colleagues to make sure they are receiving the support they need.

Remote Learning Support Topics

5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Communication

Effective Communication for Remote Learning Infographic

Digital Access
Ensure Digital Access in 5 Simple Steps

Digital Access List- Infographic

How to Provide Student Specific Feedback Virtually

Student Specific Feedback Tips Infographic

How to Engage Students in Remote Learning, Part 1

How to Engage Students in Remote Learning, Part 2

How to Engage Students in Remote Learning Infographic

Ignite Engagement for Remote Learners Infographic

Looking for more resources?

If you would like additional resources, please check out the Remote Learning web page. If you have additional needs of support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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