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Supporting New Teachers

Learning Academy Provides Classroom Strategies, Camaraderie

by Linda Odette, School News Network 

Imagine what it would be like to keep up to thirty 5-year-olds under control without a lot of knowledge on how to manage such a group. Then imagine you’re also a new teacher.

Enter The Learning Academy, a Kent ISD professional development program started in 2013 that brings together new teachers for lectures, simulated classes and observing master teachers to help them be more successful in the classroom. Continue reading Supporting New Teachers

Opportunity for Curriculum Networking and Resources

There are nearly 15,000 English Learners in Kent County schools.  Nationally, 1 in 4 students is an English Learner.

How are you supporting English Learners (EL) at your school in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts?

EL Coaching Network (ELCN)

Last year participants from 20 districts came together to learn, discuss, and devise action plans to increase the achievement of their EL students. The 2016/2017 EL Coaching Network will focus on support for ELs in the K-12 content areas. EL teachers, EL staff, and content teachers are welcome to join.

Did you know that Kent ISD has other Curriculum focused networks?

Not only can your district participate in our EL Coaching Network, the Teaching and Learning department at Kent ISD has created the opportunity for all Kent County districts to network and obtain resources related to each specific content area. Continue reading Opportunity for Curriculum Networking and Resources

How New Teachers Are Fitting In Required PD

Did you know that new teachers in Michigan are required to have 15 days of professional development in their first three years of teaching?

It’s true.  And, this 15 days of professional development is in addition to their district provided professional development (DPPD).

Many districts do not have the funding to provide a program that supports this requirement and often ask new teachers to find their own professional development, which can also be costly to the district. While new teachers can find professional development, these opportunities may not match their specific needs for improvement. Continue reading How New Teachers Are Fitting In Required PD

Unlock Your Full Teaching Potential

Building Foundations of Teaching for Learning

Back to School Kent ISDIs it time to go Back to School already?  Yikes!  Where did the summer go?  

Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie, we all have mixed feelings of excitement and fear about the first days of school.  To prepare for that first day, I know many districts in Kent County were busy over the summer hiring teachers.

This year, Kent ISD is excited to offer an innovative professional learning opportunity to support teachers, especially those who are early in their career! Continue reading Unlock Your Full Teaching Potential

Professional Learning: 4 Ideas for Busy Teachers

“For most educators working in schools, professional learning is the singular most accessible means they have to develop the new knowledge, skills, and practices necessary to better meet students’ learning needs.” Learning Forward

We all know professional learning is important.  But with limitations of time and money, the journey to build our knowledge becomes even more of a challenge. Continue reading Professional Learning: 4 Ideas for Busy Teachers

Top Four Technology Improvement Roadblocks

Teachers want to expand, improve, and hone their craft. They want the opportunity to learn from and with others. Many teachers even crave improvement in the area of technology.

Then reality brings everything to a screeeeeeeching halt!Kent ISD

Top Four Technology Improvement Roadblocks

Here are the top four roadblocks for teachers trying to improve technology in the classroom: Continue reading Top Four Technology Improvement Roadblocks

Getting Smart With: BLOGS!

“Work smarter, not harder,” is what we are told.

As a Professional Development Coordinator for Kent ISD, the goal of my job is to keep Kent County educators informed about professional learning opportunities available to them.  My team and I have been working hard to do this and have been successful. However, I repeat, we have been working hard, so the real question is “could we do better?”

So we decided to rethink our process and figure out a way to work smarter!  Continue reading Getting Smart With: BLOGS!

Are First Year Teachers Ever Proficient?

I recently read a blog on Education Week Teachers entitled “Are First Year Teachers Ever Proficient?” The author wrote about what it is like to be a first year teacher and “confesses to being something of a mess in his first year of teaching.”

This year alone, there were at least 80 new teachers hired in Kent County! I am sure some of these new educators are feeling the same way.

But there is hope… Continue reading Are First Year Teachers Ever Proficient?

Educators collaborate for innovation: the iTeach movement

iteach image final3In fall 2014, Kent ISD will be launching iTeach. The Innovative Teaching Community, or iTeach, is a program designed to help educators collaborate to increase innovation in the classroom. Made up of a networked group of educators, iTeach is designed around the idea of a professional learning community for educators from multiple districts in Kent County. Continue reading Educators collaborate for innovation: the iTeach movement