Beyond Hoops- High Achieving Black Males

“Black males are less likely to graduate from high school in four years than their white peers. Only 52% of black males who entered high school in 2006 graduated in four years, compared with 78% of white non-Latino males and 58% of Latino males.” Huffington Post, 9/19/12

Black male students appear to be on the top of all of the wrong academic lists as it relates to dropout statistics, special education referrals and suspension/expulsion rates. Given this reality, what might we learn from black males who are successfully navigating their secondary school experiences? Continue reading Beyond Hoops- High Achieving Black Males

Feeling Overwhelmed? Consider the 80/20 Rule

(Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan, used under CC attribution license.) The peas will make sense in a minute.

Teaching is this hugely complex, challenging calling, and that’s why I’m glad it’s mine. I don’t foresee getting to a place where I’m like, “You know what? I’ve got this all figured out. Done. Turn on the cruise control.”

To be honest, I think few of us will get there, and if we do, it will be after about 30 years and 100,000 hours of intensive, deliberate practice.

But we don’t need to wait until we have it all figured out before we can start being master teachers who make a huge impact with our careers. I think that all of us, if we train ourselves to focus in, can fairly quickly become adept at the 20% of things that yield 80% of the results. Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed? Consider the 80/20 Rule

Gallagher Builds a Lifelong Desire to Read and Write

What is in the best interest of our students? Is it teaching to the newest standards movement, like the Common Core? Teaching that prepares students to take a test? Or is it something more meaningful and authentic? Something more enduring?

Kelly Gallagher will be at Kent ISD on March 23rd  to present Core Values to secondary educators. He invites fellow educators to pause in the midst of the standards commotion and remind themselves to do right by their students – to ensure that Continue reading Gallagher Builds a Lifelong Desire to Read and Write

Look Who’s Joining Our Family

Meet the newest member of the Kent ISD family, NAO!

Sélection 12NAO is a 23 inch tall, programmable humanoid robot.  “He is a little creature who helps you be your best. His humanoid form and extreme interactivity make him endearing and loveable.” (A-Robots…NAO)

“A star in the world of education,” NAO has been used in computer and science classes in more than 70 countries.  And now thanks to Continue reading Look Who’s Joining Our Family

How North Godwin Beat the Odds

At North Godwin “92 percent of students receive free or reduced-priced lunch. A percentage of low-income students that high is a strong predictor that test scores should be among the lowest in the county. But that’s not the case. Instead, North Godwin’s scores are soaring.” (The Road to Success in a High-Poverty School: It’s All About Collaboration, Expectations, SNN, 1/27/15)

Kent ISDNorth Godwin, a Reading Now Network school, has consistently performed well on state assessments.  Their free and reduced percentage number is high, and so are their assessment scores.

  • What is happening in this school and why are they consistently outperforming other schools?
  • When faced with barriers of poverty, student transiency and a high percentage of English language learners, how are they achieving success?
  • How have scores remained consistently high over the past 10 years?

Continue reading How North Godwin Beat the Odds

Top Four Technology Improvement Roadblocks

Teachers want to expand, improve, and hone their craft. They want the opportunity to learn from and with others. Many teachers even crave improvement in the area of technology.

Then reality brings everything to a screeeeeeeching halt!Kent ISD

Top Four Technology Improvement Roadblocks

Here are the top four roadblocks for teachers trying to improve technology in the classroom: Continue reading Top Four Technology Improvement Roadblocks

How to have Effective Teachers in Every Classroom Every Day

The most critical responsibility of any principal or evaluator is to ensure that an effective teacher is in every classroom every day.

“A study by the Urban Institute reveals that Principals spend, on average, 6% of their time on “day-to-day instruction:” observing instruction, coaching teachers, developing or leading professional development, using data to drive instruction or evaluating teachers.”(Puzzl_ED Blog 6/29/12)

As a principal, it is important that you spend your energy and resources carrying out activities that will give you the most Continue reading How to have Effective Teachers in Every Classroom Every Day

Why do we need to Learn this?

“Why do we need to learn this?”

Regardless of the subject area, most teachers have encountered this question by students at one time or another. Some may hear it on a daily basis. How do you respond? Do your content and classroom activities relate to the world outside of school and to students’ daily lives?

A national survey of recent high school graduates (released in December) found most high school grads feel unprepared for college and career and wish Continue reading Why do we need to Learn this?

The time to innovate is now!

Miles and miles of trenches snaked through the landscape of Western Europe from 1914 to 1918, often only a few miles apart. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers fought and died in trenches, some only a few feet deep. Rain flooded the trench, rodents and insects infested the men, and the dead were a constant reminder to the living for what may lie ahead.” (Trench Warfare in WWI, Slide Share, 4)

History classes teach about WWI and Trench Warfare, but how many of them help their students relive this experience?

Every year, Trevor Muir at Kent Innovation High, helps his Global Studies students learn Continue reading The time to innovate is now!

Why We Love MTSS (And You Should, Too!)

Data-driven decision making, positive school climate, evidence-based reading instruction and interventions . . . all critical components of setting up a Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) Framework.

Kent ISD is currently supporting local districts in bringing the MTSS Framework to life to systematically raise achievement both Continue reading Why We Love MTSS (And You Should, Too!)

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