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Individuals First, Learners Second

It’s the beginning to a new school year. As you start the year take into consideration this mind-blowing fact.

Did you know that the term “didaskaleinophobia” is the acute fear of going to school? And, that it affects about 2.4% of all children?

I bet you didn’t know that, or are asking yourself why I bring that up? Well, I believe it is fair to say that most students have a sense of anxiety, nervousness, or a feeling of unexpected emotions that arise from going to school each day. Although these feelings may not all be considered “fears”, they are emotions that need to be controlled and tended to in order to give a sense of comfort and focused mind to learning. When we, as teachers, understand our students as individuals first and learners second, we are more inclined to make their experience within the classroom both productive and focused to their goals and success. Continue reading Individuals First, Learners Second

Educational Chiropractic Care: Getting Our Work in Alignment

Alignment. When we think about this word we probably most often connect it to what a mechanic does to the front end of our cars or what we might need for our backs after a few too many twists and turns on the dance floor at a friend’s wedding reception. Yet, alignment plays a very important role in education and is crucial for student learning.

The idea is simple, really. Curriculum, instruction, and assessment need to be aligned. In other words, what we are supposed to teach (curriculum), what we actually teach (instruction), and what our students are tested on (assessment) need to be connected. Continue reading Educational Chiropractic Care: Getting Our Work in Alignment

Kids Who Read Beat the Summer Slide

In 2009, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan described summer learning loss as “devastating”. Educators often refer to summer loss as “summer slide”.

It is estimated that the amount of loss a child might experience could equal one month of instruction, and the effect has a greater impact on disadvantaged children (Cooper, 1996). Researchers conclude that two-thirds of 9th grade reading achievement gaps can be explained by the accumulated summer loss they have experienced since early elementary, with nearly one-third of the gap already present when children enter Kindergarten (Alexander, Entwistle & Olsen, 2007). Continue reading Kids Who Read Beat the Summer Slide

ELA Students Become Project Managers

Something amazing is happening at Kent Innovation High this semester.

Volunteer project managers from all over west Michigan are coming into the classroom to share insights into their craft. In cooperation with the Western Michigan Project Management Institute (WMPMI), Future Leaders in Project Management (FLiPM), and the Kent ISD Career Readiness Department, an English Language Arts class at Kent Innovation High School is learning how to think and write critically with a business mindset, all while earning a business certification. Continue reading ELA Students Become Project Managers

Join DU for Shark Week – Win a Scholarship

Davenport University Scholarship Opportunity

Business students from high schools across Michigan are invited to attend Davenport University’s Annual Shark Week Event. Students will compete in small teams to develop an innovative idea and pitch it to the judges for a chance to win a $2,500 Davenport scholarship!

Please share this information with your high school students!

Connect. Explore. Achieve.

Davenport University is hosting our 3rd annual SHARK WEEK competition and we would love to have your students join in the fun!

The event will focus on an entrepreneurship idea-pitch concept (similar to the hit TV show on: CNBC: Shark Tank).  Students will draw on all their learned business skills of marketing, accounting, finance and management to develop the idea for a new product or business solution.  All students are welcome; they don’t have to specifically be business students.

The most exciting part of the event is that we are offering a $2,500 Davenport scholarship to the winning team of the week!  (This will be split evenly between team members to be used toward DU Fall 2015 tuition, fees or books.)

Dates to choose from:

Monday 5/2, Tuesday 5/3, Wednesday 5/4, Thursday 05/5, or Friday 5/6

*Space is limited*

Additional Information:

Time: 9am – 1pm (tentative)

Lunch: FREE and provided by…

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A Student’s Perspective on NovaNow

There is still time to register for NovaNOW! This unique conference will be held on Friday, February 5 and Saturday, February 6. Check out this this student’s perspective on NovaNow…

Kent ISD EdTech Blog

We are only two weeks away from NovaNow, a unique opportunity for educators, business professionals, and even students that focuses on innovations in education. As we ramp up for this event, we asked Ben Wieringa, a Kent Innovation High student, to share his experiences with NovaNow. We have included his response below.

Hello, My name is Ben Wieringa I have been a student at Kent Innovation High (KIH) for the past four years. I have also been involved with NovaNow since it started two years ago. For those that are not familiar, NovaNow is a conference that takes place in a school, where educators talk with presenters and everyone has a voice to share what they think is best for students in the classroom.

I spent the first year of NovaNow as a tour guide where I would show guests around the open, free-flowing workspace of KIH. From the feedback…

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Academic Success of Champions

“If you have a child’s heart, you have his head.”™ – Flip Flippen

I remember over ten years ago when I first got a phone call asking about Capturing Kids’ Hearts.  I went on the internet and did some research and saw the Flippen Groups website. I thought who is this Flip Flippen guy?

Fast forward to 2016 and Steve Dieleman (Kent ISD) has been working with Kent County districts and the Flippen group for over a decade.  All of the schools in Kent ISD’s service area have been trained in Capturing Kids’ Hearts and have had success stories with the program.

Here is a video of Kentwood Public Schools Continue reading Academic Success of Champions

Dreams Do Come True…Announcing an Early Warning System!

Have you ever dreamed about knowing where each student was with their learning at the click of a button? What about the ability to see resources that would help each student to improve according to their specific needs?

Imagine the ability to have data from multiple sources, such as DIBELS, NWEA Map, and more, compiled into one report and one proficiency score. Now add the ability to zoom into one student at a time; right down to the standard, and in many cases, sub-standard level to deliver targeted instruction.

In May 2015, Kent ISD received a state consolidation of services grant to develop an early literacy alert and intervention system to help teachers throughout the Reading Now Network identify and provide resources to students who are not reading at grade level.

Over the summer, Kent ISD worked closely with local teachers, Kickstand and Bare Bulb to create an ecosystem comprised of teacher created resources, a data warehouse, and a learning management system. The key features of the ecosystems include: Continue reading Dreams Do Come True…Announcing an Early Warning System!

A Holiday Gift to Accompany New Science Standards…

STEM PD Comes With FREE Drones, 3-D Printers

Are you ready for the newly-adopted Michigan Science Standards? This Kent ISD PD and free technology from MDE can help.

Inside the standards is an engineering component, which is a great match for the drones and printers MDE’s 99s(5) grant will pay for. If you’re looking for effective ways to engage students in engineering concepts, these workshops and technology will equip you to advance both learning and awareness of the careers using these tools. Teacher’s will work with the equipment hands-on, then take the equipment back to their district (to keep) for use in the classroom!


And since Kent ISD an approved PD provider for this grant, it will even cover substitute fees to make it easier for teachers to participate. There are separate Continue reading A Holiday Gift to Accompany New Science Standards…

Take Advantage of Summer Learning Opportunities

School is out and summer is finally here! We hope you have a wonderful summer. Before we sign off for the 2014-15 school year, we wanted to highlight some popular blog posts that might be beneficial to your continual learning over the summer.

1. How to Avoid the Summer Slide
Kent ISD shares how to avoid the summer slideResearch completed over hundreds of years has demonstrated that students are likely to shut down their minds during this time and can suffer significant educational consequences.  In fact, students generally score worse Continue reading Take Advantage of Summer Learning Opportunities