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Blended Coaching:   A Full Cup of Coaching with a Pinch of Technology

Written by: Andrew J. Smith, Math Consultant at Kent ISD

“Great teachers are much like jazz musicians, both deliberately setting the stage and then improvising. Great teachers have plans yet to respond to student learning and needs in real time…great teachers need to know the tools of their craft.” – Hattie, Fisher & Frey, Visible Learning for Mathematics, p. 17-18

Acknowledging the power and effect that individual teachers possess, but also recognizing our capacity as a regional service agency to support individual teachers was on the minds of Kent ISD’s Math Team, as they began strategically planning for the 2017-2018 school year.  They believe in both the power of professional learning and providing districts with the resources and opportunities to implement professional learning.  As a regional support, the Kent ISD Math team wanted to be able to stay connected and provide support to classrooms and individual teachers.   Continue reading Blended Coaching:   A Full Cup of Coaching with a Pinch of Technology

Top Educational Gift Ideas

It is the gift giving season! What gifts can you give a child to ignite learning? 

I have found with my children that the right toys inspire learning. So together, with other Kent ISD consultants and parents, I have populated a list of educational gifts that we have seen engage our children and students.

I have categorized the ideas, but many of these really could fit into more than one category. I encourage you to read through each list. Continue reading Top Educational Gift Ideas

Plan Your PD for 2017/18

As we near the end of another school year, Kent ISD is ramping up efforts to provide outstanding professional learning opportunities in the 2017/2018 school year.

High Interest Topics for 2017/2018

Kelli Campbell, Teaching and Learning Director at Kent ISD, and I visited a few districts over the winter months to get an insight into what our local districts were looking for in the coming school year. We gathered all the information from our visits and found the following topics were of highest interest: Continue reading Plan Your PD for 2017/18

Opportunity for Curriculum Networking and Resources

There are nearly 15,000 English Learners in Kent County schools.  Nationally, 1 in 4 students is an English Learner.

How are you supporting English Learners (EL) at your school in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts?

EL Coaching Network (ELCN)

Last year participants from 20 districts came together to learn, discuss, and devise action plans to increase the achievement of their EL students. The 2016/2017 EL Coaching Network will focus on support for ELs in the K-12 content areas. EL teachers, EL staff, and content teachers are welcome to join.

Did you know that Kent ISD has other Curriculum focused networks?

Not only can your district participate in our EL Coaching Network, the Teaching and Learning department at Kent ISD has created the opportunity for all Kent County districts to network and obtain resources related to each specific content area. Continue reading Opportunity for Curriculum Networking and Resources

Educators Wanted for Share Fair Nation in November 2016!

“I observed a phenomenal school that focuses on STEM, flipped classes, and problem-based learning and I am inspired by the possibilities, especially with problem-based learning. I see that I can go so much farther with the technology I have than what I have been doing. I see that I can go so much farther with engaging students and providing them with an authentic learning opportunity that will engage them and get them hooked on learning forever. I am pumped to incorporate what I learned into my units for next year.” Aniko Z, 5th Grade Nonfiction Teacher, New York, NY.

The above quote comes from a teacher that attended Share Fair Nation, a professional development by educators for educators.  And Share Fair nation is coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 12, 2016. By partnering with GVSU, and several local districts, Kent ISD is excited to bring this national movement to West Michigan.

Share Fair Nation provides PreK-12 educators the opportunity to join the conversation around Continue reading Educators Wanted for Share Fair Nation in November 2016!

Calculus: The Musical Coming to Grand Rapids!

A few years ago, Rusty Anderson, former AP Calculus teacher, took his class to experience Calculus: The Musical LIVE.   The show took his students through the history (Leibniz and Newton’s Contributions) and important concepts of Calculus in an interactive musical. This unique journey helped the students to interact with the content.

“During the school year, I incorporated the Calculus: The Musical Songs in the classroom when specific Calculus concepts were being mastered.  As they learned new concepts, the students truly looked forward to the songs that accompanied them.  Seeing the show live really brought the content and timeline of the subject to life for my students.” Rusty explains.

Continue reading Calculus: The Musical Coming to Grand Rapids!