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Why YOU should attend SCICON 2017!

SCICON is back for another exciting year.  

On May 17th, Kent ISD will be hosting the annual SCICON GR. This one day conference will feature Wendy Johnson. Wendy is a Ph.D. Candidate in Science Education, and writing her dissertation on “Fostering Three-Dimensional Science Learning: The Role of Curiosity in Productive Classroom Discourse”, at Michigan State University.  Area teachers will be sharing classroom stories and experts from STEM and education technology will  facilitate sessions.

Reasons to Attend SCI CON this year:

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Back to Ideals

Winter is here. The weather is a bit colder and daylight is dwindling. The leaves in my wooded lot are all down, with a few oak leaves left in the trees. What has changed? We adopted a new set of science standards in Michigan. It is exciting! But, it is also going to be a bit chaotic for awhile.

I have had some training over the last few months in my new job as a science consultant. It has been robust. I learned how to use the NSTA Learning Center, attended NGSX, and read countless books and journal articles; then, I spent an intense amount of time watching videos of what this new teaching looks like in a classroom. Even the term inquiry-based learning, science’s pride and joy, will need to share the spotlight with developing models and constructing an argument from evidence. (Don’t worry, they all work together.) But, I am overwhelmed. To wrap my brain around these standards Continue reading Back to Ideals

A Holiday Gift to Accompany New Science Standards…

STEM PD Comes With FREE Drones, 3-D Printers

Are you ready for the newly-adopted Michigan Science Standards? This Kent ISD PD and free technology from MDE can help.

Inside the standards is an engineering component, which is a great match for the drones and printers MDE’s 99s(5) grant will pay for. If you’re looking for effective ways to engage students in engineering concepts, these workshops and technology will equip you to advance both learning and awareness of the careers using these tools. Teacher’s will work with the equipment hands-on, then take the equipment back to their district (to keep) for use in the classroom!


And since Kent ISD an approved PD provider for this grant, it will even cover substitute fees to make it easier for teachers to participate. There are separate Continue reading A Holiday Gift to Accompany New Science Standards…

Science is Fun!

Science teachers from Kent County and Southwest Michigan unite to show students that science is fun!

Kent ISD ScienceTeams of teachers and administrators have been meeting to find ways to collaborate and share best practices that align to the Framework for K-12 Science Education. The science and engineering practices of the framework promote equity among students and truly get students engaged in doing science. These groups will continue next school year as we begin to look at ways to answer the question,

“How do we know what students know?”

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