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Prepare Your Students for PSAT and SAT…and Analyze the Results!

Your PSAT and SAT scores are in…now how do you get the most out of them? 

You may find yourself asking questions like…what do these results indicate? Should I be proud or concerned? Are there patterns to watch for?

Help is here! Cross disciplinary district teams will have the opportunity to participate in a highly interactive Data Analysis Protocol Workshop presented by Wendy Zdeb, Ed.S., Executive Director of the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP).

Participants will be taught a data protocol and will participate in hands-on activities to break down their school’s PSAT 10 and SAT data.   Continue reading Prepare Your Students for PSAT and SAT…and Analyze the Results!

Using Arts to Improve Student Learning in Reading, Math, and Science

Imagine 2nd grade students marching, swinging, and twirling to show how movement adds fun and effect to theatre performance!

Imagine 5th graders creating stories that emerge from symbols discovered on images of ancient urns – showing understanding of visual arts!

Imagine high school students getting attention for their vocal talent when performances are recorded and assessed by both teachers and students as evidence for quality!

“When early elementary teachers integrate music and theater, student learning improves in reading, math, and science as they become better critical thinkers and problem solvers.” Edutopia, “Rainstorms and Symphonies: Performing Arts Bring Abstract Concepts to Life.” Mary Grescok, Lisette Steinwald, 10/5/2016.

The New Mexico School for Arts teaches its high school students to take risks, make mistakes and learn from critical feedback to learn and grow.  This school has outperformed the state in reading, math, and science every year since 2013. Continue reading Using Arts to Improve Student Learning in Reading, Math, and Science

5 Tips for School Improvement Plan Success

Spring is a time for renewal – a time to renew your School and District Improvement Plans!  As your building/district teams continue the work of school improvement, keep the following tips in mind Continue reading 5 Tips for School Improvement Plan Success

Make a Difference in Your PLC

Most of us started Professional Learning Communities (PLC), because PLCs promised to help us make our department/school/district the best it could be to accomplish huge gains in student achievement.

Did it live up to the hype? 

Most of us have to say “No,” but the potential is there.  So how do we energize our PLCs to really accomplish our School Improvement goals? How do we become genuinely collaborative in meeting the new challenges of our changing world?  How do we become a collaborative culture that is flexible enough to meet whatever comes? Continue reading Make a Difference in Your PLC

2015-2016 PD Plan is Online!

As another year begins to wind down, administrators are preparing for 2015-2016. Many administrators are working hard on their school improvement plans.

Before you finish your school improvement plans, make sure you take a look at the professional development opportunities that Kent ISD is planning for 2015-2016.

2015-2016 school year is shaping up to be a powerhouse for professional learning. Continue reading 2015-2016 PD Plan is Online!

How North Godwin Beat the Odds

At North Godwin “92 percent of students receive free or reduced-priced lunch. A percentage of low-income students that high is a strong predictor that test scores should be among the lowest in the county. But that’s not the case. Instead, North Godwin’s scores are soaring.” (The Road to Success in a High-Poverty School: It’s All About Collaboration, Expectations, SNN, 1/27/15)

Kent ISDNorth Godwin, a Reading Now Network school, has consistently performed well on state assessments.  Their free and reduced percentage number is high, and so are their assessment scores.

  • What is happening in this school and why are they consistently outperforming other schools?
  • When faced with barriers of poverty, student transiency and a high percentage of English language learners, how are they achieving success?
  • How have scores remained consistently high over the past 10 years?

Continue reading How North Godwin Beat the Odds