Now is the Time to Recommit to Being Culturally Responsive

Written By Dr. Brandy Lovelady Mitchell, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Human Resources, Kent ISD

I hope each of you had an opportunity over break to enjoy some well-deserved rest, to experience concentrated joy with your loved ones, and to simply be still. One of the elements that I love about this time of the year (even in the middle of several global pandemics) is the deliberate and frequent prompts for reflection, goal-setting and dreaming.

New Year Investments!

Let’s take advantage of this season of reflection and goal-setting by applying it to our journey to be culturally responsive educators and by cultivating  genius in ALL of our students.

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How to Address Integrity in Online Assessements

Written by Keith Tramper, Educational Technology Consultant at Kent ISD

Assessment is a critical part of any learning environment. Assessment provides us with data into how and what our students are learning. It can help us understand where our students are succeeding and running into barriers, which we can use to adjust our learning plans.

Online Assessment: Addressing Integrity

One of the most common concerns with online assessment is maintaining the integrity of your assessment. Lower-level assessment items like multiple choice or fill in the blank tend to be easy to search the internet for answers. They are also very easy for students to share with peers.

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Engaging Students in Civil Discourse Following Current Events

In light of what has been happening in our Nation’s Capital some of you may be wondering how this could be discussed in class or you may have students asking questions about what happened. It certainly is an event that is worthy of conversation, but one you might not be sure how to engage in conversation with your students.

The Michigan Council of the Social Studies (MCSS) has been hearing these questions from across the state and nation and has put together some resources for you to explore as you take on this conversation. MCSS has been instrumental in getting you resources to support your social studies instruction in the past and they have delivered again.

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Top 10 Posts from 2020, You May Have Missed!

What a year! Although it may have seemed like the longest and worst year yet…I think we can all agree that some good has come out of it. Yes, you might have to dig hard to find the good, but it is there. 

In my personal life it has been great getting to spend time with my kids. We explored Michigan and spent countless hours doing puzzles. In your classroom, I am sure that there are some things that you cannot wait to return to normal, but I think we have all learned new and interesting ways to teach to students remotely. Although we are still learning and navigating this new world we live in, we can all still take time to reflect on all that we can be thankful for.

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12 Days of EdTech Cheer!

Before we wrap up this chaotic year, we want to lift spirits through the 12 Days of Edtech Cheer! The 12 Days of EdTech Cheer is a FREE virtual professional learning miro-course provided by the Educational Technology Consultants at Kent ISD. Through this course participants receive “gifts” of strategies, resources, tools, and techniques for both in-person learning and remote learning.

How does this micro-course work?

Participants will receive one “gift” each day for 11 days (a little spin on the “12 Days of Christmas”). Each “gift” includes a short PowerPoint or video, light reading, and time to connect with other educators by leaving a reflection comment. This course is labeled as a micro-course because the time commitment is only 15 minutes a day. It’s a simple and fun way to earn SCECHs!

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Simplify Your Digital Collaboration Strategies

Written by Sarah Wood, Education Technology Consultant at Kent ISD

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for educators in trying to deliver content to in-person students as well as virtual students (and for some both at the same time!).  This school year has often been described as one of the most challenging years teachers have faced in their careers. 

Despite its challenges and obstacles, pandemic teaching has allowed teachers to try new teaching tools and methods, which often includes educational technology resources.  The use of these resources not only allow for physical distancing, but also bringing those from a distance together.  The days of trading papers, sharing manipulatives, or huddling close together for brainstorming sessions are no more, but that does not mean that students cannot actively collaborate with one another. Continue reading Simplify Your Digital Collaboration Strategies

Speaking Grief Event

At large, our students and community are experiencing all types of losses. To learn how to support each other and our students, we would like to invite you to view the documentary Speaking Grief. This film is a public media initiative aimed at creating a more grief-aware society by validating the experience of grievers and helping guide those who support them. Kent ISD Care Council (student support staff from KCTC,KIH,MS@K, and KTC) invites you to support your students by learning from this film.

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Science in your morning breakfast?

Written by: Wendi Vogel, Science Consultant, Kent ISD

Note: This blog post is written to introduce the Disciplinary Literacy Essentials (DLE’s), produced by GELN/MAISA, to educators. It could be used for individual learning, in a PLC, a staff meeting, department meeting, or professional learning opportunity as well. Eating cheerios while reading is strongly recommended.

Have you ever eaten a bowl of Cheerios and noticed when you get toward the end of the Cheerios, they “stick” together in groups, or end up near the edge and stick to the sides of the bowl? If not, take a look at the picture above, or try it yourself! When looking at this “Cheerio effect,” it makes me wonder:

  • Why does it do this?
  • Do other cereals do the same thing?
  • Does the bowl matter?
  • Does the liquid matter?
  • What if I use whole milk? Skim milk? Carbonated liquid?
  • Do leaves do this if they land in a pond?
  • Is there some kind of force acting on the Cheerios?
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What is #MichME?

All teachers deserve access to high quality professional learning!

Over the past five years, educators in Kent county have been coming together in a network called Michigan Mathematics Educators (#MichME). In order to provide high quality professional learning during a pandemic, #MichME will be presented entirely online for FREE this year to ensure accessibility to all educators.

While the format and cost is changing, the quality you have come to expect will not change. #MichME’s core values are building relationships, cultivating a growth mindset, and deeper learning through dialogue.

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